Digital Media Manager

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage key media partner relationships and deliver media acquisition and revenue targets.
  • Introduce innovative promotions to drive customer acquisition.
  • Manage commercial agreements, commission models and short/long term incentive plans to generate significant growth in acquisition KPIs.
  • Be close to the numbers with a clear understanding of costs, ROAS and ROI.
  • Develop and lead all reporting on customer acquisition KPIs.
  • Identify new opportunities within the market and act quickly to agree deals.
  • Analyse the competitor landscape and utilise best practise to develop the company’s customer acquisition.
  • Document customer acquisition growth strategy through media and PPC and regularly attend senior management meetings to present targets and progress.
  • Produce and manage elaborate online campaigns in multiple languages and markets.



  • Good Level of English
  • Computer Literate
  • Online Marketing Management
  • PPC / Adwords Management
  • Knowledge of grey hat media buying and management strategies



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