User Segmentation & Cross-Channel Campaign Automation

One key to successful campaigns is to target your customer base in distinct segments based on shared characteristics.

User preferences constantly change, and Reliato will help you keep track of your user groups to target each of your customers with the correct information.

This variety of groups leads to a bottleneck in executing tailor-made campaigns. We help you make the right choices to build and manage a modular cross-channel campaign automation strategy without the need to excessively scale manpower with growing segments.

This also considers updating communication assets at minimal effort. Reliato successfully runs many automation programmes for various services, retaining and acquiring users. Get in touch with us, and we will make yours a success and at optimal cost.


  • Better understanding of user base

  • Provide different experiences for different types of users

  • Improves user experience as users will be engaged on the platform of their choice.

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